Sterling Silver Necklaces

silver bar necklace and lariat necklace with czs

We all like to accessorise with sterling silver necklaces. They suit all styles and all skin colours and work with almost all clothing. They add panache and polish. They can be textured and tactile or else sleek and shining. But however you wear them, whichever ones you choose, sterling silver necklaces are glamour at a great price.

Here at OneByOne we have a wide selection of sterling silver necklaces, but not so many as to overwhelm you! We’ve curated our collection to cater for all tastes, all requirements, be they delicate or chunky, unadorned or gorgeously embellished. 

But what is sterling silver? And how is it different from pure silver? 

Pure silver, sometimes known as fine silver, is lovely, but soft, prone to scratches and dents. Sterling silver is pure silver – 92.5% pure silver in fact, to be legally precise – but alloyed with other metals, making it ideal for jewellery. It’s common pure silver is alloyed with copper alone. But the resulting sterling silver can be prone to tarnishing. So, at OneByOne, our jewellery is created with sterling silver alloyed with a small combination of metals, including copper, which means the silvery shine is maintained. Also, our sterling silver is overlayed with a white rhodium coating to guarantee zero discolouration, ensuring the picture-perfect finish. You can wear it with complete conviction!

Other grades of silver alloy exist, with differing percentage grades of pure silver. But none is better than sterling silver. More pure silver makes the finished metal too soft. Less pure silver (and typically more copper) makes it prone to corrosion or imperfect colouring.

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