Stacking Rings

model-rooo2s-6-stacking-rings-sterling-silver-rose-gold-vermeil-black-rhodium-550.300.jpegWearable Opulence: Stacking Rings

Very stylish and very wearable, stacking rings are a jewellery statement you can make, whatever the occasion may be. A stacking ring can be simple or opulent, depending on your personal preference. Wear three, four, or more round or square stacking rings on a finger at a time to create your individual, signature look.

Stacking rings are highly contemporary, as well as being completely versatile. Celebrities created this ring phenomenon and have establishing its enduring popularity. For instance, Jennifer Lopez demonstrates how alluring these rings can be.

Wear one ring or several. You can even wear a stacking ring with another traditional ring of your more fashion tips...