Silver Rings

silver-rings-header-image-240-480.jpgSilver rings can be exquisitely elegant or entirely everyday. But the best silver rings will, naturally, be both: a ring you can wear all the time but which draws attention to itself when the occasion demands!

Our rings here at OneByOne are, of course, sterling silver, which is to say that they are made from the very best material for silver rings. You really would not want a ‘pure silver’ ring. It would scratch, bend, warp and discolour too! (You can read more about sterling silver and its qualities here, right at the top of this article about sterling silver necklaces.)

Sterling silver really lasts. If we tell you it’s hard-wearing you might think, oh dear, how unromantic. But if we tell you that it can be treasured forever, never wearing away to nothing - as unalloyed metals can – you’ll understand why sterling silver makes the very best rings.

Less pricey than gold, less pricey too than platinum and white gold which might be the obvious alternatives, silver is, simply, the ideal metal for a ring. The cost is limited. The care it requires is limited. And the ways you can wear it are unlimited.

Always just right, forever fashionable, you will find the perfect silver rings right here.


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White rhodium coated sterling silver Atomic shaped ring with white crystals from the Allobar collection

Atomic CZ Criss Cross X Ring in Sterling Silver

Atomic Criss Cross X Ring, in sterling silver, set with radiant cubic zirconia. Two intertwining, orbital rings, create this elegant and modern design. Also available in black rhodium, yellow gold and rose gold vermeil. Works in perfect unison with the...
sterling silver oval open circle ring cz pave

Sterling Silver Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave

Sinus curve and bold shape uses high polished sterling silver to great effect with this beautiful open style ring, plus taking a classic motif and giving it a modern twist. A large, open oval is set with an even row of sparkling Cubic zirconia in crystal...
Anti tarnish white rhodium smooth and polished coating over sterling silver Atomic shaped ring  Allobar collection

Atomic Criss Cross X Ring in Sterling Silver

Criss Cross X ring, in sterling silver with a smooth, polished finish. Two intertwining, orbital rings, create this delicate, contemporary design. Also available in 14ct yellow gold vermeil.
oval open circle ring cz pave - rose gold vermeil

Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave - Rose Gold Vermeil

To capture two key trends in one is no mean feat, but the designers at OneByOne have mastered it with this new open circle ring. The passion for Rose gold coloured metal mixed with the minimal Geo look is joined together with our Oval Pave ring, a...
sterling silver cz eternity stacking ring

Sterling Silver CZ Eternity Stacking Ring

Our Sterling Silver Eternity Stacking Ring is the ultimate in classic design, perfect styling and simplicity. This must be owned by every jewellery loving female, whether adorned as a single skinny band or stacked high with others. This ring is a classic...
Square shaped 5mm thick white rhodium ring with CZ crystals from One by One Jewellery London

Constellations 5mm Square Stacking CZ Ring in Sterling Silver

Constellations 5mm sterling silver square stacking ring, entirely pave set with a glittering array of cubic zirconia. This ring has been designed to let the light shine through and make every stone sparkle and shine. Wear alone or stack with a 3mm square...
3mm thick band square Constellations ring with CZ crystals in white rhodium over 925 sterling silver

Square Stacking CZ Ring 3mm in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Square Stacking Ring, 3mm wide entirely pave' set with shimmering cubic zirconia. Wear alone or stack with one or two other square stacking rings for a dazzling effect. Also available in black rhodium plate, 14ct yellow and rose gold...
Crystal set atomic shaped Allobar ring in yellow gold vermeil over silver from One by One

Atomic CZ Criss Cross X Ring Gold Vermeil over Sterling Silver

Criss Cross X Ring in gold vermeil over sterling silver, set with radiant cubic zirconia. Two intertwining, orbital rings, create this elegant and modern design. Also available in silver, black rhodium and rose gold vermeil. Works in perfect unison with...
criss cross x ring - rose gold

Criss Cross X Ring - Rose Gold

Simple style, classical looks, impeccable taste - the Criss Cross ring is the best examples of clean cut design with no frills. Smooth bands of highly polished metal wrap around the finger, crossing over in the centre to create the criss cross pattern...
arrow open cuff ring silver

Arrow Open Cuff Ring Silver

The Arrow cuff ring in brilliantly polished Sterling silver is a minimal look with a touch of glam. Fine and delicate in design, a simple concept of a continuous narrow line of shiny white metal wrapping around the finger in an Arrow like shape, then...
eternity cz stacking ring - gold vermeil

Eternity CZ Stacking Ring - Gold Vermeil

For the bold, bounty hunter, the brazen gold seeking jewellery fiend, this little finger treasure is a must buy element to your jewellery stash. Made from a base of Sterling silver and coated with a thick layer of 14ct yellow gold, this eternity ring can...