Silver Necklaces

silver-necklaces-header-image-133-200.jpgSilver necklaces are a must-have. No jewellery collection is complete without one, or two, or perhaps many more.

From the simple to the stylishly elaborate, a silver necklace can almost always be the ideal accessory. It might be the workaday wearer, an unadorned but perfect necklace that doesn’t draw attention to itself yet really sets off your look. Or it could be the statement piece, the standout design that people can’t help noticing. The right necklace can do amazing things for you! The straightforward silver necklace can tone down a fancy frock or else add just enough interest to a plainer outfit, while the elaborate silver necklace can brighten up an outfit and make it soar, along with your style ratings. 

You’re sure to find something you really must have in our collection of silver necklaces.

Sterling silver horseshoe necklace channel-set czs

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace Channel-set CZs

Luck and luxury collide in this delicate sterling silver horseshoe necklace. The beautifully shaped curves of the horseshoe pendant look stunning when set against the curvature of the décolletage. Precision cut Cubic Zirconia stones are set into...
Silver interlocking circles necklace

Silver Interlocking Circles Necklace

United for eternity, this necklace is inspired by the infinite bond of true love. Its interlocking circles are polished to perfection, which accents the sensuous curves of each perfectly formed circle. Genuine .925 sterling silver completes the look,...
Triple heart necklace sterling silver

Triple Heart Necklace Sterling Silver

Featuring a trio of cut-out hearts suspended from a delicate chain, this heart-themed necklace is inspired by love. A trio of heart shaped cut-outs steal the spotlight, with the gleam of solid sterling making it subtle enough to pair with any outfit...
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sterling silver double circle necklace

Sterling Silver Double Circle Necklace

With a directness and restraint, the new Duo circle necklace has the clarity of design inspiration that is second to none. A unity of two metal rings made from high polished Sterling silver, link together to create a necklace for shear modesty and chic...
Rose gold interlocking circles necklace

Rose Gold Interlocking Circles Necklace

Inspired by romance, this necklace uses two interlocking rings to represent the eternal bond of true love. Each link is polished to a resplendent shine, with the infinite curves gleaming as they catch the sunlight.  Coupled with the use of...
double circle necklace - gold vermeil

Double Circle Necklace - Gold Vermeil

Another choice to show your style credentials for the geometric trend is the Double ring necklace in 14ct Gold vermeil. This yellow gold version is the ultimate in simplicity itself with a larger circle of metal linked with its smaller counterpart...
double circle necklace - rose gold vermeil

Double Circle Necklace - Rose Gold Vermeil

A new mode in minimal form, stylised design and retro ambience, the Duo ring necklace coated in 14ct Rose gold plate, made from Sterling silver is the ideal choice to disclose a simple, paired down look. With casual elegance and a sophisticated fusion of...
Circle necklace in sterling silver

Circle Necklace in Sterling Silver

The trend for plain metal accessories has been popular for many seasons now. Plain metal jewellery is the perfect complement to any outfit, giving you the flexibility to wear your jewellery anytime, anywhere. Whether it is mixed metal pieces or jewellery...
Rose gold horseshoe necklace channel czs

Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace Channel CZs

Inspired by both luck and luxury, this rose gold horseshoe necklace is delicate enough for everyday wear, yet bold enough to stand as a statement piece. A string of beautifully cut Cubic Zirconia stones is set into the pendant’s façade,...
White rhodium Allobar horseshoe necklace on 40cm chain in sterling silver core metal SKU N0017S

Horseshoe Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Horseshoe necklace for luck! Be lucky with this petite piece of silver jewellery, linked through an elegant, adjustable chain. Also available in 14ct yellow and rose gold vermeil.
4mm wide flat bar necklace - rose gold vermeil

4mm Wide Flat Bar Necklace - Rose Gold Vermeil

Follow the craze for layered neckwear and take your pick from the array of necklaces introduced by OneByOne jewellery for the Spring/Summer season. A hit with our jewellery junkies is this wide bar necklace, a bar of Sterling silver metal beautifully...
Gold horseshoe necklace channel set czs

Gold Horseshoe Necklace Channel Set CZs

Luck meets luxe in this stunning gold horseshoe necklace. The delicate design of the pendant is sleek and understated, with a string of Cubic Zirconia gemstones catching the light from every angle. Gleaming gold vermeil gives the piece a dressage worthy...