Rose Gold Earrings

Rose Gold Earrings and Finger RingEnglish Rose Gold Earrings

Feminine, versatile and just the right amount of unorthodox, rose gold has quickly emerged as a stunning alternative to traditional gold and silver jewellery. Earrings haven’t escaped the rose gold revival, with designers now using the precious metal to create stunning variations on traditional gold and silver staples.

Complements All Skin Tones
Personal jewellery preferences are largely determined by skin tone, with some ladies choosing to exclusively wear gold, others shining the spotlight on silver, and some embracing a mix of the two. As a hybrid, the warm hues of rose gold make it a precious metal that complements any skin tone.

Universally flattering, this dreamy metal finish sets off the creamy complexions of English Roses, and simultaneously brings out the luxuriant hues of ladies blessed with olive, chocolate and caramel tones. So whatever your skin tone, rose gold earrings are a guaranteed way to highlight your colouring...  read more fashion tips below...