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Open rings with flower display

Open Rings: The Contemporary Trend You’ll Love

Stylish, fun and unique, open rings are the hottest jewellery trend on the market. These contemporary pieces make the perfect statement due to their original design and eye-catching look.

For those who adore wearing rings, an open ring is the must have accessory. Choose from sterling silver, rose gold vermeil or yellow gold vermeil for a stunning piece of jewellery that will make an exquisite addition to your collection.

Opt for a design that complements your personality and individual style or choose a beautiful open ring for wonderful gift for a loved one. Whether you require a design suitable for everyday wear or a glamourous addition for a special occasion, open rings are extremely versatile and easy to wear. 

Simply Unique
For those that love unique pieces of jewellery, open rings are the essential, distinctive addition. Whether you adore geometric designs or showstopping shapes, open rings will attract the attention of onlookers.

An open ring with pearl and cubic zirconia stones is ideal for wearing with a chic black dress, formal suit or evening wear. This unforgettable ring can be worn alone as its flawless design will easily make a signature piece. Alternatively, pair it with subtle stone stud earrings for extra sparkle...

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sterling silver oval open circle ring cz pave

Sterling Silver Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave

Sinus curve and bold shape uses high polished sterling silver to great effect with this beautiful open style ring, plus taking a classic motif and giving it a modern twist. A large, open oval is set with an even row of sparkling Cubic zirconia in crystal...
oval open circle ring cz pave - rose gold vermeil

Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave - Rose Gold Vermeil

To capture two key trends in one is no mean feat, but the designers at OneByOne have mastered it with this new open circle ring. The passion for Rose gold coloured metal mixed with the minimal Geo look is joined together with our Oval Pave ring, a...
oval open circle ring cz pave - gold vermeil

Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave - Gold Vermeil

Attention to detail with a stylish flair that creates the perfect classic look, a sophisticated elegance with contemporary design and touch of glamorous sparkle. The motif that is used time and time again, this circular shape is echoed in this large...
oval open circle ring cz pave - black rhodium

Oval Open Circle Ring CZ Pave - Black Rhodium

A modern theme with a touch of class, an elegant shape with that less is more feel. This minimal look can be easily styled to be a key jewellery essential. With simple silhouette, highlighted with clean lines and chic design, expertly embellished with a...