Lariat Necklace

Lariat necklace on model Lariat Necklace Style

Contemporary, stylish and versatile lariat necklaces have made a significant comeback over the past few years. Many celebrities have been showcasing this trend, both on the red carpet and in a casual manner. Whether you prefer a long sterling silver lariat, or, a necklace in striking gold vermeil, they are an effortless, yet elegant way of adding movement to an outfit.

Wear yours on it’s own or pair with matching pieces to create a bold statement look. For those who prefer their jewellery to adapt to their personal styling choices a lariat necklace is the ideal piece to own. Enhance your neckline and cleavage with intricate details,or opt for a drop bar lariat to accentuate your outfit.

Lariats Play Well With Others
Layering a long lariat with other styles is a highly creative way of wearing jewellery. It’s ideal for pairing witha simple black dress and making the transition from office to evening. Try also pairing with a thin choker and wear with a strappy top and trousers for a chic,modern look. Alternatively, wear a lariat with another drop necklace to create more movement, or wear with several other necklaces and an open shirt or low V-necktop or dress to create a simple, yet effective statement that won’t appear like you’re trying too hard ...  read more fashion tips...