Heart halo cz necklace in rose gold vermeil

Straight from the Heart Jewellery

Only the coldest heart could fail to love these gold and silver heart-design jewellery pieces… They range from angelic to romantic to lustworthy and glamorous! Heart jewellery is, of course, the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. But remember, it’s not just for February 14th. True love lasts a lifetime…

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets adorned with heart-shaped charms and designs can be worn day or night, simply or with significant style. Depending how you wear them, they can be sweet and charming or grown-up and chic.

They say I love you. They say I love life or I love style. They warm the heart. Read more about our heart jewellery here.

Triple heart necklace sterling silver

Triple Heart Necklace Sterling Silver

Featuring a trio of cut-out hearts suspended from a delicate chain, this heart-themed necklace is inspired by love. A trio of heart shaped cut-outs steal the spotlight, with the gleam of solid sterling making it subtle enough to pair with any outfit...
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Gold heart in heart earrings cz halo

Gold Heart in Heart Earrings CZ Halo

Fashioned from resplendent gold vermeil, these heart shaped stud earrings bring a touch of romance to any look. The rich hues of gold make a stunning base for the 18 glittering Cubic Zirconia stones that form a transcendent halo around a central gem...
Rose gold heart in heart earrings cubic zirconia halo

Rose Gold Heart in Heart Earrings Cubic Zirconia Halo

Steal hearts in these gorgeous rose gold stud earrings that’ll bring a touch of romance to any outfit. A heart shaped Cubic Zirconia stone anchors each stud, and is set off by the 18 smaller stones that form an aureole around the centrepiece...
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Rose gold triple heart necklace

Rose Gold Triple Heart Necklace

Inspired by love, this delicate necklace features a trio of heart shaped silhouettes suspended from an 18-inch chain. Heavily trending rose gold flatters all skin tones, and colour palettes. Set of the necklace’s blush hues by pairing with other...
Silver heart earrings cz heart in cz halo

Silver Heart Earrings CZ Heart in CZ Halo

Featuring dazzling Cubic Zirconia stones set in a high shine solid  silver base, these stud earrings are guaranteed to be the beating heart of any outfit. Each stud is crowned with a heart shaped Cubic Zirconia stone, and set off by a corona of...
Triple heart necklace gold

Triple Heart Necklace Gold

Once. Twice. Three times a charm with this triple heart necklace in gold vermeil. Delicate by definition, the design features a trio of cut-out hearts suspended from an elegant gold chain. Wear alone, or pair with Cubic Zirconia heart shaped stud earring...
Czs pave my heart gold stud earrings

CZs Pave My Heart Gold Stud Earrings

Romantic by definition, these gold stud earrings are designed to get hearts fluttering. Set in gleaming gold vermeil, each stud is bought to life with 17 beautifully cut Cubic Zirconia stones that glint from every angle. The finished product is feminine...
Cz pave my heart silver stud earrings

CZ Pave My Heart Silver Stud Earrings

Flaunt silver on silver with these dazzling heart shaped silver stud earrings. The rhodium-plated silver studs shine from every angle, with the gleam of the precious metal enhanced by the brilliant sparkle of 17 beautifully cut Cubic Zirconia stones...
Sterling silver heart necklace

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

With its open heart design and delicate dimensions, this necklace is ideal for ladies that prefer a dainty, more understated look. The interstellar gleam of the polished sterling silver heart motif is a statement in itself, with the addition of a fixed...
Heart in heart open stud earrings - rose gold

Heart in Heart Open Stud Earrings - Rose Gold

With a romantic, classic feel, these new Heart earrings are the model of flawless elegance. Encapsulating 2 heart shapes, this contemporary design takes an open-heart frame covered with tiny round cubic zirconia set along the edge of the heart, then a...
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Cubic zirconia pave my heart rose gold stud earrings

Cubic Zirconia Pave My Heart Rose Gold Stud Earrings

The warm glow of rose gold vermeil coupled with a heart shaped silhouette makes these delicate stud earrings the definition of romance. The blush hues of rose gold flatter all skin tones, with 17 precision cut Cubic Zirconia stones ensuring that the...
Heart in heart open stud earrings yellow gold

Heart in Heart Open Stud Earrings - Yellow Gold

Hearts are a symbol of love and one of the newest pieces in the OneByOne jewellery collection is the perfect love token. An open-heart design made from small glittering cubic zirconia set in yellow gold vermeil plated sterling silver, with faceted heart...