Cuff Earrings


Ear-catching Cuff Earrings

Eye-catching cuff earrings, or ear cuffs, are contemporary pieces that hug the outer curve of the ear, adding a touch of statement glamour to any outfit.

Many cuff earrings simply clip in place, ensuring comfortable and secure all-day wear. Some styles are designed to be worn with pierced ears, and feature a wire tucked behind the ear to create a delicate floating effect with no visible attachments.

Ear cuffs are an ultra-modern addition to your jewellery box, and are available in a range of different styles from the subtle to the striking.

These earrings add movement and sparkle to your look, and can be worn as a pair or individually for an on-trend asymmetrical aesthetic...  read more fashion tips...

sterling silver bar ear cuff earrings wire backs

Sterling Silver Bar Ear Cuff Earrings Wire Backs

For that barely there minimal look, these narrow bar stud earrings encompass this mood completely. Narrow lines of shining silver float on top of your ear and stay perfectly in place by the clever curved post at the back. For a pure approach to essential...
Allobar collection sterling silver with white rhodium Arrow shaped cuff earrings with CZ crystals and chain

Sterling Silver Chain Cuff Earrings with CZ Arrow

Cuff earrings in sterling silver and brilliant cut CZs. Dramatic Arrow design that hugs the earlobe and chains that move freely below the ear. These eye catching pieces are the latest trend to adorn the ear. Allobar Collection
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sterling silver cuff earrings cz pave

Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings CZ Pave

Add at touch of style and glamour to your jewellery collection with the latest design from OneByOne jewellery. Mixing modern Sterling silver with brilliant white Cubic zirconia, these special earrings adorn your ears, gently curling from a single post...
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bar ear cuff earrings wire backs - rose gold vermeil

Bar Ear Cuff Earrings Wire Backs - Rose Gold Vermeil

Sleek, polished surfaces, clean cut lines with minimal mood, our mini bar stud earrings float on the ear with a ‘barely there’ appearance. Perfectly formed rectangular bar of 14ct Rose gold vermeil plating coat Sterling silver and present...
cuff earrings chains with cz arrow - rose gold vermeil

Cuff Earrings Chains with CZ Arrow - Rose Gold Vermeil

Patrons of the OneByOne Jewellery site will know that we are always wanting to bring you the latest designs, in up to the minute metal colours, well once again we are introducing our Arrow cuff earring in two new colours for the season. both made from...
cuff earrings cz pave rose gold vermeil

Cuff Earrings CZ Pave Rose Gold Vermeil

With clever design and beautiful materials, these cuff style earrings create a great mood, delicately cupping the ear. From a single earring post, three bands of Sterling silver, coated in 14ct Rose Gold vermeil curve down to curl around your lobe to...
sterling silver 11-stone ear climber earrings

Sterling Silver 11-Stone Ear Climber Earrings

With "climber" style earrings dominating the fashion jewellery scene for many seasons now, we have introduced our Multi-stone curved bar climber earrings. The ultimate definition in glamorous ‘en vogue’ ear adornments, these bejewelled...
bar ear cuff earrings wire backs - gold vermeil

Bar Ear Cuff Earrings Wire Backs - Gold Vermeil

Bored of the jewellery you wear? Don’t want all the glitz and sparkle? This design was made for you - A slender bar of polished metal that rests on the lobe of your ear - very subtle but extremely effective. The design of these bars are ingenious,...
7-stone ear climber earrings - gold vermeil

7-Stone Ear Climber Earrings - Gold Vermeil

An awe-inspiring sweep of glittering crystal clear Cubic zirconia stones - all round stones that graduate in a gently curve which exhibit a new attitude to luxury jewellery style. Each perfectly forms stone is held in place with fine claws that are made...
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pave cz cuff earrings yellow gold vermeil

Pave CZ Cuff Earrings Yellow Gold Vermeil

With the trend for fancy body Jewellery, mis-matched earrings, and extravagant ear adornments so ‘hot’ at the moment, choosing a style to suit your mood can be very difficult. You may not be one for ‘show off’ accessories that...
sterling silver 7-stone ear climber earrings

Sterling Silver 7-Stone Ear Climber Earrings

A smattering of dazzling white crystal clear Cubic zirconia wind their way along the ear creating a silhouette of glittering brightness. Individual stones are beautiful set with delicate prongs of Sterling silver that clasp each stone as they sweep up...
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crystal black rhodium cuff earrings

Crystal Black Rhodium Cuff Earrings

A step away from your traditional stud earrings are these Black rhodium cuff earrings, crafted from Sterling silver with striking Black rhodium plating, which off-set lines of clear Cubic Zirconia. Three undulating bars of silver wrap around your lobe...