Circle Necklace



Circle Necklace of Truth

Where can you find a circle necklace? It’s easy. You can find them - in beautiful designs and in various precious metals - right here.

Circle necklaces are stylish of course, but they’re also incredibly versatile. For example, they can be worn very casually, a pretty necklace paired with slouchy stay-at-home comfort clothes, just enough to elevate the look. Equally, they can bring some understated style to your sensible work wardrobe. Or else, the circle necklace - perhaps in an interlocking style, perhaps set with sparkling stones – can deliver real glamour when worn with a party dress or jumpsuit.

Choose from our delicate and dainty designs as well as our chunkier statement necklaces. The fine, light styles can be used for an unfussy casual look or else to tone down a formal or flashy outfit. The bolder designs are great for that going out look, but they can also be worn to enhance an everyday ensemble. Read more about our circle styles…  

Silver interlocking circles necklace

Silver Interlocking Circles Necklace

United for eternity, this necklace is inspired by the infinite bond of true love. Its interlocking circles are polished to perfection, which accents the sensuous curves of each perfectly formed circle. Genuine .925 sterling silver completes the look,...
sterling silver double circle necklace

Sterling Silver Double Circle Necklace

With a directness and restraint, the new Duo circle necklace has the clarity of design inspiration that is second to none. A unity of two metal rings made from high polished Sterling silver, link together to create a necklace for shear modesty and chic...
double circle necklace - gold vermeil

Double Circle Necklace - Gold Vermeil

Another choice to show your style credentials for the geometric trend is the Double ring necklace in 14ct Gold vermeil. This yellow gold version is the ultimate in simplicity itself with a larger circle of metal linked with its smaller counterpart...
Rose gold interlocking circles necklace

Rose Gold Interlocking Circles Necklace

Inspired by romance, this necklace uses two interlocking rings to represent the eternal bond of true love. Each link is polished to a resplendent shine, with the infinite curves gleaming as they catch the sunlight.  Coupled with the use of...
Circle necklace in sterling silver

Circle Necklace in Sterling Silver

The trend for plain metal accessories has been popular for many seasons now. Plain metal jewellery is the perfect complement to any outfit, giving you the flexibility to wear your jewellery anytime, anywhere. Whether it is mixed metal pieces or jewellery...
double circle necklace - rose gold vermeil

Double Circle Necklace - Rose Gold Vermeil

A new mode in minimal form, stylised design and retro ambience, the Duo ring necklace coated in 14ct Rose gold plate, made from Sterling silver is the ideal choice to disclose a simple, paired down look. With casual elegance and a sophisticated fusion of...
crystal pave disc necklace - rose gold

Crystal Pave Disc Necklace - Rose Gold

Magpie alert!! This little number is for those of you that love glitter and glitz, who like to wear some sparkle wherever they go, whether it is for the day time in your business suit or to a midnight soirée in your elegant evening gown. This...
Rose gold circle necklace

Rose Gold Circle Necklace

For an uncomplicated, unpretentious design aesthetic, we have pared down this look with the Rose gold Circle necklace. A single, slender ring of sterling silver plated in rose gold vermeil is hung from a delicate chain and can be worn at 16 inches long...
Interlocking circles necklace gold vermeil

Interlocking Circles Necklace Gold Vermeil

Romantic by design, this necklace represents the infinite power of love. Each interlocking circle is beautifully crafted, with flawless contours that shine from every angle. A gold vermeil finish gives the necklace a luxurious aesthetic, and can be...
Single circle necklace yellow gold vermeil

Single Circle Necklace - Yellow Gold Vermeil

The ultimate simplicity, clean lines with the beauty and structure of classic architectural form. This new design is testimony to less is more with no added frills or fuss. A simple circle of plated sterling silver in yellow gold colouring is hung from a...
Silver crystal pave disc necklace

Silver Crystal Pave Disc Necklace

Constellations disc necklace, pave set with radiant white crystal making this timeless, versatile design a must have. Sterling silver with an adjustable chain. Also available in 14ct yellow gold vermeil.
Rose gold stacked open circles necklace

Rose Gold Stacked Open Circles Necklace

If you’re head over heels for rose gold, why not double up with this gorgeous double stacked open circles necklace? The shine of rose gold makes a stunning backdrop for a double halo of precision cut Cubic Zirconia stones that bring the piece to...