Winter Jewellery – All Wrapped Up

Throughout December you were buying for others and now in January you could (and should) be tempted to buy something for yourself! Jewellery might be a luxury treat, but here at OneByOne things are surprisingly affordable, especially in our winter sale. For a limited time you can enjoy a 20% price reduction. Click on the 20% off banner. Enter your email. And we’ll send you a discount code along with other special offers.

You might thank us because even wrapped up against the elements, deep into your winter wardrobe, jewellery is still the ideal way to add some glam. Peeking out from behind the faux-fur collar of your parka or perhaps glistening a little in the winter sun below the all-important autumn / winter pom-pom hat, these silver snowflake stud earrings are definitely cute. Worn at night, perhaps with something more dressed-up, they are also eye-catchingly stylish, a small statement that says a lot. They come in gold and in rose gold too.

This bracelet with snowflake charms would be gorgeous worn with a jumper dress or soft wool pullover. In elegant sterling silver it would bring some fairytale-charm to simple muted colours. And in rose gold the bracelet is stunning worn alongside bolder shades, brighter hues.

Showing underneath a shirt collar, in turn underneath a cosy jumper, a long silver lariat necklace or perhaps a horseshoe necklace would be pretty and understated, but still more than able to liven up your outfit.

Don’t go for really large or loose pieces of jewellery which might flap around in the wind or catch on hats, scarves and chunky sweaters. Stick to necklaces, bracelets and bangles which aren’t too elaborate. And if you’ve layered up your clothes, don’t be tempted to extravagantly layer too many jewellery items together. Winter jewellery, for the most part, is made up of everyday staples, worn simply.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can keep them covered up. Allow them to be seen! They are the accessories that add some flare to your look as you make for the UK’s famous winter sales, heading out shopping in style.

And if you’re not wearing gloves, there is one item of jewellery that works well stacked or layered this winter: rings. Just don’t go for too many raised stones. Keep it – mostly – flat. Think constellations and clusters more than large gems.

A final thought on winter accessorising: this season we’re seeing bolder patterns with tartans, herringbone checks and floral designs suddenly becoming very popular. If you’re flaunting any of these designs be sure to accessorise with simple statement pieces. Only go over-the-top, wearing oversize pieces or mixing and matching with abandon if you are absolutely certain of your style!

Whatever you go for this winter, know that all our jewellery here at OneByOne has been carefully curated for exceptional design, great value and high quality to meet our exacting standards.

Buy jewellery here for all the reasons above, and maybe for these reasons as well:

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Happy Jewellery Shopping!