What Your Jewellery Says About You

Rather like the clothes you wear, how you style your hair and the way in which you walk and talk, the jewellery you choose to accessorise your outfit with reveals a great deal about you and your personality.

Jewellery is a personal statement that reflects and reveals how you feel, what you think and how you want to be perceived by others. Jewellery can help you confidently announce who you are and should therefore be chosen with care, if you want to make a positive and lasting first impression.

Who Are You?

Read on to find out what your jewellery choice says about you!

Statement Pieces

Jewellery that is large, bold and dramatic reveals a vibrant personality and a generous fun-loving nature. People who proudly wear chunky necklaces, oversized rings and big dangly earrings are sociable and love to attract attention. Statement jewellery, like the stunning Constellations 5mm black rhodium square ring, is worn to accentuate personality and to invite conversation and admiration. People who wear distinctive and large pieces are colourful social butterflies.

Classical Beauty

Elegant and discrete jewellery is the style preference of fashionable people who are confident, intelligent and poised. Jewellery that is classical, beautiful and delicate, like the Allobar Yellow Gold Double Prism Lariat Necklace, reveals a traditional approach to life and good taste. Timeless and classic jewellery never goes out of fashion and makes a subtle, lasting impression without the need to be too showy.

On Trend

Fashionistas love to be ahead of the pack and adore jewellery that elevates their personality and shows off fashion awareness. Stunning on trend pieces like the Allobar Rose Gold Crystal Cuff Bangle, confidently announce: “Here I am! Look at me!”. A devoted follower of fashion knows what looks good and how to adorn and accessorise for maximum effect. These people are confident, daring and the centre of attention.

Spiritual And Mystical

People who love to wear unusual and distinctive jewellery are free-spirited and open-minded. Their charming and positive happy-go-lucky approach to life draws people towards them like a magnet. Gorgeous unique jewellery like the Allobar Silver Plain Atomic Ring is the perfect statement piece for the stylish and mysterious.

Simply The Best

The devil isin the detail is the motto of stylish jewellery lovers who appreciate beauty and the finer things in life. Everything they do is done with attention to detail and great care, and this includes the jewellery pieces that are chosen to accentuate any outfit. Elegance, quality and class is what this person is all about. The captivating Constellations Silver CZ Round Halo Drop Earrings is exactly what they will be wearing.

Plain And Simple

Jewellery that is classic and timeless, and perhaps a little conservative, is the preferred jewellery option of people who like to keep things simple and have nothing to prove. Their understated style reveals a demure nature and caring personality. Elegant pieces like the Constellations Silver CZ Round Halo Stud Earrings are their perfect jewellery choice for any occasion.