Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gifts

What to buy for Valentine’s Day? It’s time to make your mind up because V-Day is upon us…

Wisely, you’re already thinking about jewellery. You’re here, aren’t you? And jewellery really is the very best Valentine’s Day present, a surprise, a thrill, a treat. It lasts forever. It says all the right things. And it needn’t cost the earth: OneByOne’s gorgeous jewellery collection represents great value.

Perhaps you’ve considered cut flowers. Two dozen red roses would be glorious. But they won’t be around for long. And consider the environmental disaster…

You’ve dismissed lingerie. There’s a selfish personal gratitude element to it (if you know what I mean). And it can be tricky too, easy to misjudge…

Chocolates are somehow wrong, even the most luxurious ones. Cuddly toys are plain weird. Perfumes and products are possibilities. A bottle of champagne (pink?) might pass the test. But in your heart of hearts (and that’s where you need to look at this time of year) you know that jewellery is the ideal Valentine’s gift for her. So let’s give you some Valentine’s jewellery ideas.

Spell out your feelings clearly with this gold triple heart necklace, a trio of cut out hearts suspended from an elegant chain. It’s undeniably sweet, but because it’s so stylish it’s never too sentimental.The same piece is available in sterling silver for some shimmer and sparkle. You can also buy it in rose gold, a safe option which goes with all skin colours, all outfits in fact.

We have a wide choice of heart jewellery, not just necklaces, but also heart earrings, bracelets and bangles. But maybe you don’t want to do hearts? We get it. You’re worried it’s too cute. OK, so instead you could woo to win with this oval pave ring, a large open oval which glitters with crystal clear zirconia stones. It’s very fashionable, but timeless too. A high-quality ring set with beautiful stones does not age. This one’s in silver, but it also comes in gold, rose gold and even in stand-out black rhodium for an especially sparkling contrast with the cubic cut gems that embellish it.

Charm bracelets are great, a traditional lover’s gift, though ours are as chic as they are classical. We have heart designs, snowflake charms, the moon and stars too (which seems to be a good way of spelling out how important someone is to you - in the style of Drogo to Daenerys in the first season of Game of Thrones)!

Maybe you want to go edgier. Maybe you want to spend more? Well, you could consider stacking rings or bracelets or even layering up necklaces. Stacking rings (the same style in different metals or perhaps a mix of different shapes), piling up bracelets and bangles or else layering necklaces (different lengths, even different colours) can be grown-up, gorgeous and glamorous. And of course, your generosity will be noticed.

Hopefully that jewellery selection has made things easier, given you some ideas, so now you can concentrate on a whole day dedicated to love!...

But don’t forget the Valentine’s card. It can be cute. It can be arty, romantic or funny. You can even sign it if you want to. (Apparently Valentine anonymity is not what it used to be, something to do with stalking probably…)

Remember these final points too:

  • You can confidently give the gift of love this Valentine’s Day. (Free Returns!)
  • Love can be expedited. (Next Day Delivery!)
  • Sending love costs less than you think. (Free Delivery!)
  • We’ve got romance all wrapped-up (Free Giftwrap Service!)