The Silver Necklace Makes A Comeback

Maybe it’s the stars, maybe ‘tis the season, but whatever it is, gals across the UK are totally digging the simple silver necklace. If you haven’t jumped on the silver necklace bandwagon yet, where’ve you been pal??

I’m so stoked at the idea that people are tuning in to my style and picking up these lovely pieces. And I don’t even live in the U.K. Oh yeah, give it up for The Wardrobe Stylist…whoot whoot! I’m an international style setter! Ok ‘nuf self-praise and let’s get down to business. After all, you’re not here so you can hear me cheering on myself. But I admit, it’s nice to share the success with you.

silver necklaces - triangle and allobar long lariat necklace with crystals in white rhodium finish

Versatile Silver Necklace

Last week, it was all about balancing your silver necklace and accessories with your outfit, ensuring you don’t go overboard with accessorising, or borrowing too many style cues from Lady Gaga (please read last week’s post for the full explanation, I promise, you’ll enjoy it).

This week, I want to talk about the versatility of the silver necklace, especially the lariat necklace.

I wish I had a pic of the exact product in the position I will be describing to you to give you a better visual, but as a second best option, I’ve picked up these image from my favourite search engine tool….

No, not Google (in fact I am not sure how I feel about Google right now, they’re not on my nice list), Pinterest! Every bloggers BFF.

Perfect for All Occasions

I find the back necklace looks particularly exotic for a cocktail party, holiday event, or even just strolling the streets of London (can you hear me put on my English accent??). It hangs off your oh so sexy back and quietly makes a statement, one that will only be observed once you turn around.

[gallery link="none" ids="664,665,661"]

To me, this look has been sooooo under-utilised in the fashion world, it’s a shame. The back silver necklace needs more buzz happening…  do you feel me?? It really deserves more recognition than it’s been getting. I don’t understand why more people have not jumped on it.

Star and moon charm long necklace lariat in silver with white rhodiumTIP: Be right on theme for Christmas – Have the star and moon necklace hanging off your back. Just imagine it!

SECOND LOOK - The Lucky Charm Necklace

The second look of silver necklaces I’ll be showing you is a little might suit a more casual scene, but can surely be applied for your dressier outfit. It's the horseshoe necklace that has become a staple in my closet.

[caption id="attachment_615" align="alignnone" width="300"]Sterling silver horsehoe necklace with white rhodium plate Horseshoe Necklace  in Sterling Silver with White Rhodium Plate[/caption]

It's a piece that can be worn so many different ways. Layer it with other chains, top it with a bejewelled necklace, wear it alone, or wear it in gold.

[caption id="attachment_663" align="alignnone" width="286"]Horseshoe necklace with ingot necklace Horseshoe Necklace layered with Pendant Bar Necklace[/caption]

When I find something that works, I get it in all colours. It's a great way of fool-proofing your wardrobe and accessory choices. Thanks to its versatility, the horseshoe necklaces can work with many styles of outfits. From Saturday clubbing party, to lazy Sunday joggers, to Monday's business casual, to Thursday's dinner date (see below).

Electric blue blazer with gold shorts - street chic look that would be perfect with the horseshoe necklace

TIP: If you like your necklaces longer, extend it with a plain chain to the clasps of the necklace.

Hope you enjoyed this week's style tips. Be sure to tune in next week for tips on silver earrings.

Don't forget the red lips...

Red Lips from Rania

When it comes to style, trust The Wardrobe Stylist, my lovelies!