Stack It Up This Summer - Stacking Rings

There’s no denying that this summer,  stacking rings have made a serious splash. From high street retailers to boutique jewellery ateliers, the lustrous layered look is here to stay. Loved by celebrities and everyday fashionistas alike, adorning fingers with ring upon ring upon ring is the perfect way to set off any summer outfit, from lightweight silk work blouses to cute cotton weekend day dresses.

Here’s why we love them…

Build your look   As the name suggests, stacking rings do just that – stack! This means that rather than have to choose between a delicate look or a chunkier aesthetic, you can build up your perfect stack. Whether you want to fly solo with one band, double up for an edgier look or rock a quartet of rings and make a serious statement, it’s all about building a look that’s entirely yours.

Stay on budget   For ladies on a budget stacking rings are the perfect way to build up a stunning jewellery collection. Start with one, then work your way up to a lustrous collection of bands by the end of the summer.

Gold Pear Crystal open Stacking Ring

Day to night   If you’re looking for a versatile corporate accessory that seamlessly progresses from the office to the cocktail bar, stacking rings are a fantastic bet. Wear one of two for an elegant and refined look while meeting with clients during the day. Then when the clock hits 5pm, throw on a few more to create a glamourous after dark look that will get heads turning.

A kaleidoscope of colour   Forget having to make that all important decision of choosing between gold, silver or rose. With stacking rings, you can have it all! Choose from a beautiful range of gleaming precious metals, including gold vermeil, black rhodium, sterling silver and rose gold.

Intrinsic opulence   There’s just something about the layered look of stacking rings that gives them an innately opulent feel. The extravagance of stacking one gorgeous ring on top of another creates an indulgent look that adds little luxury to any outfit. Even when rocked with cut-off jeans and a linen shirt on the weekend, stacking rings are all class.

A look that’s all yours   With a myriad of colours, styles and layering options to choose from, stacking rings allow ladies to create a look that’s utterly unique. With an inventory of three or four bands at your disposal, you can put together a look for every occasion. For example, when stacked up with its rose gold and black rhodium counterparts, this celestial Constellations 5mm Square Stacking CZ Ring in Sterling Silver creates an oh so glamorous air. Yet layer it with a slimline Eternity Stacking Band and it’s toned down to become chic and understated.

From sun drenched weekend brunches to rooftop cocktail bars on sultry nights, a collection of stacking rings is a must have style accessory this summer.