Silver Stud Earrings - Your Go To Accessory

Anne Hathaway Silver Stud EarringsStud earrings come in an infinite variety of shapes, styles and designs. These pretty little accessories range from traditional, crystal-studded circular designs to contemporary, bold styles that really stand out.

Anne Hathaway clearly loves the traditional stud earring, and has been seen wearing some truly beautiful diamond studs at a number of glamorous events. Anne shows us how great studs can look when worn with a short bob or pixie cut. She sets off her boyish cut with warm lip shades, and keeps her makeup subtle – adding a touch of eyeliner and mascara for that feminine feel. This lets her jewellery do the talking.

The world’s top celebs can afford to wear platinum and precious stones the size of sugar cubes, few of the rest of us are quite so lucky. Stud earrings in sterling silver, rose gold, and gold vermeil mean we too can get the look of red carpet jewellery without the price tag.

Styling Silver Stud Earrings You don’t need to be too strict when when styling silver stud earrings.  Their small size and subtle designs draw the eye without dominating your look, meaning they can transition between everyday wear and special occasion chic with ease. Studs usually feature hidden fastenings, giving the impression that your earrings are simply floating on the surface of your skin.

If traditional stud earrings look amazing when used to accessorise your most glamorous going out look, more modern designs provide a touch of go-anywhere versatility. Lupita Nyong’o accessorised her collared blouse, blazer and patterned skirt combo with a pair of distinctly modern studs at a screening of ’12 Years a Slave’ – it’s a completely different look to the classic red carpet ball gown, but no less gorgeous.

emma stone casual jeans tee stud earrings Modern silver stud earrings are perfect for a more casual look, too. Emma Stone looks great in a pair of jeans, a cosy Tee and a smart/casual blazer, with a pair of casual stud earrings tying her outfit together.

Stud earrings can be your go-to accessory whether you’re after a casual look or a more formal outfit. They aren’t too showy and they aren’t too big, which makes them perfect for those days when you need a little low profile glamour.