Silver Jewellery With Your OOTD

Lady Gaga's silver jewellery look

Sure it is an ideal to match everything together. Sometimes though, matching can be counter-productive, making you look more like Lady Gaga than anything… unless that’s the look you are aiming for.

The key is knowing when to put more, and when to keep it simple. I often see gals with beautiful #OOTD (Outfits Of The Day - Twitter hashtag) but it was all ruined as soon as I lay eyes on their jewellery and accessories. It's like they totally missed the point!

Keep reading to avoid such situations....(not to mention getting your accessorising cues from Lady Gaga).

Silver Jewellery that Works With Your Outfit Of The Day

I've put together some outfit scenarios that will help you assemble pieces together, so you can look stylish and ready for your next selfie. This will give you a better idea of how to balance your clothes with your silver jewellery and your bling, or not so bling shoes.

Remember, there may be variants in your outfits, so the guidelines below should serve as a general direction to assist you in the morning (or evening) when you're planning your outfit.

My OOTD is Shiny & Bright

If your #ootd is shiny and bright (or most likely night if outstandingly bling-y), I’d go with simplified contemporary silver jewellery that has more of an urban chic vibe. Something along the lines of this raglan sleeve silver sequin top works really well with basic jewels. Style it with the ever-so-comfortable boyfriend jeans and finish it with nude pumps. It will make you worthy of being Pinterest-Pinned.

[hotspotter id=3]

TIP: The prism crystal necklace paired with the ingot drop necklace is a fantastic silver jewellery pairing with this outfit. Try it to see for yourself. These pieces are on my #Iwantneedmusthave list!

My OOTD is Somewhat Shiny & Bright

If your top has only some shimmer and shine, there's no harm in pairing it with some bejewelled shoes that are as shiny as a shooting star. Don't worry, Lady Gaga won't come asking you for her outfit back. Style it with black skinny jeans to keep the focus on the target (i.e your somewhat shiny top).

[hotspotter id=4]

My OOTD Has Shiny Details, but Isn't Crazy Bright

Bling in some areas of the outfit should aim for an even distribution of your accessories. But hold your horses (or maybe your purses...), the look calls for toned down shoes, so don't go wild snatching the brightest thing you can find in the cosmos.

[hotspotter id=2]

TIP: In that case, opt for simple items such as light silver bangles. You may even squeeze in stud prism earrings.

My OOTD is an LBD That's not Shiny nor Bright

This is your blank canvas. If you were waiting for me to give you the green light to grab your disco ball shoes, well now's the time. Go!

Not shiny nor bright outfit with silver jewellery

Tip: For plain outfits with little to no details, its OK to put on  silver jewellery that makes a statement.

Red Lips from Rania

Don't forget the red lips...

When it comes to style, trust The Wardrobe Stylist, my lovelies!


Disclaimer: Please do not misunderstand my critiquing of Lady Gaga's style as negative criticism. I simply do not think her look (on stage, or on the streets) can be adapted into practical fashion. I respect her for dressing the way she does, expressing herself through fashion. However, as a wardrobe stylist, I provide fashion advice to my clients and readers that can be managed and applied in their daily routine.