Silver Jewellery or Yellow Gold - What's Your Best Style?

Most people have a preference when it comes to choosing silver or gold jewellery. Gold is best suited to warmer complexions and darker skin, and skin that has yellow undertones. Silver suits cooler complexions and skin that has pink undertones. Although matching skin tone to precious metal beautifully accentuates your natural appearance, mixing it up from time to time can also achieve a fashionable and distinctive on trend look.

What’s Your Skin Type?
To work out if you are a Gold Goddess or a Silver Lady you will need to determine your skin tone. On your body locate an area where the veins are easily visible. The inside of the wrist is usually a good gauge. Look at the colour of your veins to determine your skin tone.

Cool skin tones have bluish coloured veins and the skin usually has a pink or rosy undertone. Warm skin tones have greenish coloured veins and a yellow or warm apricot undertone to the skin.

yellow gold jewellery woman

Gold Goddess
If your skin tone is warm stunning gold jewellery works best for you. Gorgeous glittering gold brightens your skin and illuminates the complexion. Wearing complementary pieces of precious gold will flatter your features and pull your look together. Choose an elegant Allobar 4mm Flat Ingot Necklace Gold Vermeil over sterling silver to draw attention to your neckline and face. Earrings should always be chosen to suit your hair length. Add a beautiful gold ring like the Allobar Atomic CZ Ring Gold Vermeil over sterling silver and a bracelet or cuff to give your outfit fashionable flair.

Gold goddesses can effortlessly carry off sophisticated glamour and exotic boho chic. Knowing that gold works in your favour allows you to wear striking precious pieces with confidence. Layer up those gold chains and stack dainty rings to create an instant up-to-the-minute fashion look.


Silver Lady
Silver is mysterious and sexy, and as jewellery is often worn to accentuate the shimmer of sparkling crystals. If your skin tone is cool you are a lucky silver lady who can dazzle and captivate by wearing sleek and sophisticated pieces that highlight your complexion and features.

Silver jewellery is easy to wear and can be teamed up with a casual outfit or worn to add extra allure to evening attire. By day keep it simple by choosing interesting and unusual pieces like the Allobar Turquoise Crystal Prism Necklace in sterling silver. At night accentuate the glamour by adding sophisticated sparkly Constellations Pave CZ Solid Teardrop Earrings in sterling silver. Silver ladies always know how to shine. Don’t forget to draw attention to your wrists and hands by choosing a beautiful Silver Constellations Silver Bangle and Constellations 5mm Square CZ Ring in Sterling Silver.

Mixing And Matching
Expressing your unique style by wearing beautiful jewellery doesn’t mean that you have to rigidly stick to style rules. Wear precious metals to enhance and flatter your skin tone and complexion, and choose jewellery to complement your outfit and style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match gold and silver to create a distinctive and original look that is perfect for you.

Choose pretty bangles and bracelets in gold and sterling silver and stack them together for a cool and contemporary on trend look. Swap your silver for gold, and vice versa, to update your wardrobe and instantly revamp your style.