Silver Earrings Conquer the World

Give a girl a pair of silver earrings and she can conquer the world! Dont believe me? Ok, I’ll give you concrete examples:

Jennifer Lawrence tribal double pearl earrings

  • Gals sporting the single earring trend…again, it conquered the fashion world.

Single earring trend

Convinvced now? I thought so….

How Can You Conquer the World with Silver Earrings?

So how can YOU conquer the world with silver earrings. Simple. Pair them with the right outfit and you’ll get the heads in the room doing 360s.

[caption id="attachment_612" align="alignnone" width="300"]square-halo-stud-earrings-constellations-silver-one-by-one_300.300 Square Halo Drop Earrings[/caption]

Wear Them Without a Necklace

One thing to know about silver earrings, to make sure you are able to conquer the world, they should be worn WITHOUT necklaces. Having both will not work as one will overpower the other and the look becomes too busy for your own good.

No to earrings and necklace combo

TIP: The only time this is acceptable is if you have simple stud earring such as pearl earrings with a very simple necklace in pearl or a thin chain. Use this as a rule of thumb.

How Do I Know When to Choose Which of the Two?

Busy Top So when is it best to choose earrings over necklaces? Generally speaking, anytime you have a busy top on or an embellished collar, it is best to stay away from over-emphasizing it with necklaces. Choose earrings to better compliment your look.

Busy top

Tip: If you’re busty and want to divert the attention from that area, choose earrings over necklaces.


Another way of determining when to use earrings over necklaces, is your hairstyle. When your hair up, having naked ears is no fun. Planting a pair of glimmering earrings will really draw attention to your face and re-frame it.

Hair up in a bun

Tip: If your hair sways to one side, it would be very cool to wear silver earrings on one ear only.

Collared Shirts

When wearing blouses, i.e. collared shirts, earrings tend to work better with them, as earrings don’t tend to compete with your shirt collar, which would be the case for necklaces, unless it’s a very simple chain.

Collared shirt

While you might get away with a larger statement necklace paired with a blouse, it isn’t usually going to be worn to work. The fact that you are most likely to wear these types of shirts in an office setting, it appears more professional to wear silver earrings over a necklace. Because of that, accessorising further with a watch and some rings won’t seem over-the-top for a professional setting. What’s the saying….the simpler, the better…right!

When to Wear the Right Style of Silver Earrings

The other question about silver earrings is, when do you wear the drop earrings, the spike earrings, the cuff earrings, etc.

[caption id="attachment_601" align="alignnone" width="300"]Rectangle stud earrings sterling silver with rhodium plate Ingot Stud Earrings[/caption]

Typically it should be as follows (now these are The Wardrobe Stylist rules, so if anyone asks, you can say I said so…) leave:

  • the drop for the party, the formal, the cocktail;
  • the spike, for the casual jean/sweater day outing;
  • the ear cuff, when you’re onab oho outfit spree, with flowy skirts and dresses;
  • the stud, anything, anywhere, but use it when you have a busy outfit on.

Tip: There are always exceptions to the rules. For optimum results when matching outfit style with your silver earrings’ style is to perform trial and error. Or one my best practices is lay your outfit on the bed and stick the silver earrings on top. How does it look? That gives you your answer. A little less scientific but it works.

What’s your take on silver earrings? How do you wear them?

Hope you enjoyed this week's style tips. Be sure to tune in next week for more style tips.

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Red Lips from Rania

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