Ring In The Changes

open--chained-and-criss-cross-ringTwo types of people wear finger rings, those who opt for a single simple signature ring, and, those who believe that there is power in numbers. They adorn each and every finger with anything from pave to pearl.

The beauty of Criss Cross rings is that they work amazingly well as a statement piece, and, also when paired with other rings. Before you splash the cash you need to decide what you are looking for. Is it an everyday ring suitable for work? If so, we recommend the clean lines of the sterling silver or gold vermeil ring. Or are you maybe searching for an evening ring? 

For added bling these rings are also available with cubic zirconia set on gold, rose gold and silver. And for those who lean towards a gothic inspired look, the black rhodium Criss Cross ring is the perfect accessory.

Find your style!

Rings tend to be one of the smallest accessories that we choose. Yet whilst small in size, they have the ability to make or break your outfit. So getting your ring styling is very important.

If you like to keep things mixed up a little and enjoy wearing both chunky and elegant rings at the same time, the positioning of the rings is key to getting this look right. Chunky rings need to be worn at the base of your fingers or on your little fingers. The other fingers should be finished off with more delicate rings to maintain a balanced look.

Cris Cross Ring - Wedding White

For Spring 2016 we are seeing a lot of Boho styling on the high streets. The Criss Cross ring is the perfect accessory for this carefree look and looks great when positioned along side rings with a chain detail. 

Alternatively stay with the Criss Cross ring but create a daintier appearance by layering up with other rings adorned with hearts, moons and stars. If is important to remember that you should stick with the same colour scheme and when mixing standard bands with shapes, the shapes need to be positioned high up the finger.

Layering delicate rings over the fingers gives a particularly feminine appearance but if you are wearing something a little more androgynous, your ring style needs to reflect this. Bold geometric designs in heavy silver look great when worn with this season’s stripes and give an almost warrior princess styling.

To finish off your look, you need to think about the other jewellery you might pair your rings with. If you have layered your fingers in elegant dainty bands, continue this look with a pretty bangle or necklace. Remember to opt for one of the other. Statement Criss Cross rings look great when worn with shoulder skimming earrings. Finally, remember to follow the lead from this years catwalk