​Refresh Your Look: Timeless Bar Earrings

Emma Watson's Closet - Bar Earrings
Classy, elegant and subtle, bar earrings bring a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe. From understated, slim designs to more eye-catching statement pieces, bar earrings are favourites of stars including Emma Watson and Emma Stone. These beautiful designs can easily make the transition from everyday glamour to special occasion chic.

You can wear bar stud earrings to accentuate the natural contours of your ears and add a touch of playful shine and colour to any outfit. Alternatively, drop bar earrings will draw the eye and provide the perfect focal point to your look. You can choose bar earrings in timeless sterling silver, warm rose gold or bright, uplifting gold vermeil to suit any mood and complement any look.

Styling bar earrings
Bar stud earrings tend to be smaller and shorter than drop bar earrings. Their subtle design means that the connection is hidden from the front, giving the impression that the earring is floating on the surface of your skin. Drop bar earrings suspend below the earlobe to give a playful sense of movement. Both make versatile additions to your jewellery box and can be styled in a number of ways.

Styling bar stud earrings
The subtlety of a bar stud earring means that it’s perfect for everyday wear. Because they’re often small and understated, bar stud earrings look great when worn with short hairstyles such as cute bobs and pixie cuts. Charlize Theron and Ginnifer Goodwin have both worn beautiful bar stud earrings to set off boyish cuts and add a touch of elegant femininity to their looks.

Bar stud earrings can be worn with practically any outfit. They look equally stylish worn alongside cute tops and warm winter woollens, collared shirts and even your favourite little black dress. Choose a metal to match your skin tone and you can happily accessorise your bar stud earrings to suit any contemporary look.

Stylish Drop Bar Earrings Rose Gold

Drop Bar Earring Styles

Gold drop bar earrings just scream elegance and class. This makes them perfect for more formal wear and those special occasion outfits that just require the perfect finishing touch, but also versatile enough to add statement detail to your everyday look. Pin long locks behind one ear to let your beautiful drop bar earring take centre stage. You can also wear your hair up in a bun or in a ponytail to give your drop bar earrings room to move and draw the eye.

A pair of drop bar earrings is the perfect addition to that special strappy dress, bringing a touch of event glamour to meals out and other special occasions. When styling your everyday outfit, consider wearing drop bar earrings with a collared shirt for a smart/casual look. Accessorise with beautiful bangles or bracelets in the same colour for stunning street style.