Quick Guide To Buying Jewellery From OneByOne

Congratulations. You’ve found our website, the best place to buy jewellery online this Christmas.

Our rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings are of the highest quality, certainly chic and fashionable, but also timeless. You can spend a lot more on jewellery elsewhere, especially if you’re looking for solid gold and sizeable diamonds! But before you break the bank, spend a moment on our site and take in some of the extremely well-made, stylish and surprisingly inexpensive pieces on sale. (For example, you cannot go wrong with this Triple Heart Necklace in silver, yellow gold or rose gold.)

Our offering is simple, consisting of gorgeous pieces made from three materials:

  • sterling silver (instead of platinum or white gold)
  • gold vermeil finishes over a sterling core (rather than traditional gold)
  • rose gold, a ¾ gold & ¼ copper alloy (a gold alternative, more versatile and totally stunning)

The jewellery itself is wonderful, created by top-end designers. The materials are of the highest-quality, but represent good value. We have an extensive range, but it’s hopefully not overwhelming.

We’re all about customer service too: fast and free delivery; free, beautiful gift wrap; and a no-nonsense simple returns service.

Where to begin in choosing a gift? Take a look at these sterling silver necklaces. Any one of them would make a great Christmas gift.

You can spend more at Tiffany. You can spend less at Accessorize. Or you can spend wisely and buy confidently right here. There are ways to save money on jewellery and shopping here is one of the best things you can do.