Necklace Care Tips

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A necklace is the perfect jewellery accessory to draw the eye to your outfit and décolletage. Whether you prefer to wear elegant and timeless pieces like the Allobar 2mm Ingot Necklace Gold Vermeil over sterling silver or a funky modern layered look, how you care for your necklaces will determine the appearance and condition of your precious pieces.

• Storage

Looking after your sterling silver and yellow and rose gold finish necklaces ensures that the individual jewellery pieces do not become tarnished, tangled and damaged. It is a good idea to

store your necklaces flat or hanging when not worn. This prevents the delicate chains from becoming tangled and knotted, which can easily result in breakage.

• Cleaning

Keeping your necklace clean prevents the metal from tarnishing. Necklaces like the Allobar Turquoise Crystal Prism Necklace Gold Vermeil over sterling silver require special care and careful handling when cleaning because the piece is adorned with dazzling crystal and semi-precious stone. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth will remove preliminary traces of tarnish from silver necklaces and jewellery that is prone to the natural tarnishing process of precious metals.

• Gold

A plain and classic yellow or rose gold vermeil necklace can be easily cleaned by hand. Warm soapy water will remove any traces of grease or dirt from delicate gold chains and necklaces. Simply rub the chain gently with your fingers to loosen any dirt. The thickness of the gold jewellery will determine how vigorous your cleaning can be. Heavy gold chains are a lot more robust than a dainty pendant necklace.

You can also use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt from gold jewellery that is intricately embellished. Always ensure the gold jewellery is thoroughly rinsed and laid flat on a soft cloth to dry. Gold necklaces can also be polished by hand, or professionally, to reactivate their stunning golden gleam.

• Sterling Silver

Silver jewellery of all kind will tarnish over time. This occurs because silver reacts to the elements and certain materials and substances. Sterling silver necklaces will therefore require a little extra care in order to ensure they are always in tip-top, ready-to-wear condition.

Sterling silver jewellery that has a white or black rhodium finish or 14ct yellow or rose gold vermeil finish does not tarnish in the same way as sterling silver pieces. Rhodium belongs to the platinum group of precious metals and has a chemical inertness, which means that jewellery pieces with a rhodium finish are resistant to tarnish.

As with gold, and any other precious metal, silver necklaces should be stored correctly to avoid unnecessary damage. When cleaning a tarnished silver necklace always use a soft, lint-free cloth. Black or white rhodium finish sterling silver necklaces simply require a gentle buff to enhance the shine.

Silver necklaces and chains that have lost their usual shiny sheen can be easily polished to a high mirror shine. Simply wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Gentle rubbing with the cloth will remove the dullness from the silver and return the necklace to its usual gleam.

• Gemstones

Necklaces that are embellished with beautiful crystals and gemstones require extra care when cleaning and storing. Always check the condition of the gemstones before and after wearing your necklace. Gemstones are set into pieces of jewellery and can become loose if damaged. Hanging necklaces up or storing flat, when not worn ensures the minimum of damage occurs.