Mother’s Day Jewellery – The Best Gift for the Best

Mums love jewellery. Mums love Mother’s Day. Need we say more?

Of all the holidays, this is the one to observe. A card and a call are the absolute minimum. In fact, we’d suggest you lay it on the line with some jewellery for Mother’s Day. Go on. Go crazy.

All our jewellery – in sterling silver, gold and rose gold –is lovely, stylish, and timeless too. And our selection is easy to choose from. It’s been carefully curated so that, really, you cannot fail.

Also, there’s no need to strike it rich to buy jewellery for Mother’s Day (though you will hit the jackpot when your mum opens her gift). Our gorgeous designs are made with the best semi-precious metals and stunning sparkling stones and represents not just top-quality but excellent value too, especially when you enjoy a 20% discount in our Mother’s Day Sale. Simply use this code – MUM20 – at checkout and the discount will be applied.

Mum would love this silver cluster necklace pendant. It’s classical and simply stunning, its beautiful stones set in a sterling silver pendant.

And she’d adore the matching earrings, equally classical, a vintage glamour that’s as stylish today as in its Belle Époque heyday. The round silver halo cluster earring studs make a great Mother’s Day gift in their own right, with or without the necklace.

Or else you could really go for it with some heart jewellery, a bracelet with heart-charms or perhaps some heart-shaped earrings. I love you mum!

Whatever you choose, jewellery for Mother’s Day is kind and thoughtful. Less obvious than flowers. Longer-lasting than a slap-up carvery lunch (lovely as that might be)! The perfect present.

Now, why did we say that of all the gift-giving holidays and red-letter days Mother’s Day is the one to remember?

Well, Father’s Day is an American invention, formalised in the 1960s. It’s easy to feel that it’s a purely commercial occasion, and many are cynical about it. Other celebratory days are more spurious, the inventions of various marketing departments around the world. National Bosses Day anyone? These Hallmark Holidays can be hard to take. Even Valentine’s Day sometimes suffers by association, an ancient Feast Day, long associated with gift-giving and romantic love (see Chaucer!), brilliantly publicised by the card manufacturer in the early 20 th century.

But Mother’s Day, well, we can never be contemptuous of it. Our mums wouldn’t let us. Mother’s Day – or Mothering Sunday – is the big one. No criticism allowed.

In truth, Mother’s Day only became officially marked – in the US at least – in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson recognised it with an official proclamation. And, of course, merchandisers spotted an opportunity to sell their goods to ‘moms’ (much to the despair of Anna Jarvis who had campaigned to make it official in the first place). But the point is that mothers have long been celebrated at this time of year around the globe and by countless people. In the Christian churches Mothering Sunday, three weeks before Easter Day, has long been observed. In fact, it’s rarely called Mothering Sunday now. Rather, Mother’s Day is the one we all recognise.