Jewellery Unwrapped = Joy Unbridled

Jewellery is the ideal Christmas gift, great to give and a joy to receive.

Small Is Beautiful

What makes jewellery the perfect present? Well, gorgeous gifts come in small packages. With Christmas presents, less is more and the smaller the box, the better the outcome. Be it your friend or your fiancée, the woman you buy less for will think more of you… (She’d probably love these square halo drop earrings in rose gold.)


No need to watch unboxing videos on YouTube. (Who does that anyway?) On Christmas morning there will be plenty of oohs and aahs when someone discovers they are on the receiving end of a bracelet, necklace or ring. There’s the pretty drawstring bag, the beautiful ribbon-tied box inside. It’s uncontrived and very special. It suggests extravagance. It says someone thinks highly of them.

Stress Free

Christmas is taken care of with OneByOne Jewellery’s free shipping and gorgeous packaging. Our jewellery comes in a simple satin bag, the elegant box inside it. It’s beautifully done. No need for gift-wrapping. So, put away the wrapping paper, scissors and Sellotape. Relax. Breathe. Don’t let the season stress you out.

Simple Elegance

The simplest solution, in almost all things, is often the best - and so it is with present buying. Jewellery has always been a first-class gift, accomplished and adult. It’s the simple solution yet also the sophisticated solution. Be it for your wife or girlfriend,your sister or mother, a gold or silver gift says all the right things.

What Jewellery to Choose?

Perhaps you think jewellery is tricky to buy, hard to choose? It’s really not. That you’ve bought an item of jewellery is instantly romantic, undeniably thoughtful, almost certainly generous. So the battle is already won. Sure, you might be taking a small risk should you buy a big statement or showy piece. But stick to something pretty, something timeless, and you’re on safe ground. And trust that we’ve already picked great items, that we only sell gorgeous things. Take a look at some stunning Christmas gifts for her. Maybe this drop dead gorgeous crystal cuff bangle, in sterling silver? (And if you really are worried about choosing the ideal piece of jewellery, getting it just right, well, worse-case-scenario, OneByOne Jewellery has a hassle-free and speedy returns service.)

In summary:

  • You won them over before the box was opened. The gift of jewellery is a winner.
  • It’s actually the easy solution to Christmas shopping stresses.
  • Jewellery is easier to buy than you think. Our carefully curated collection guarantees success!
  • If someone doesn’t like it – what’s wrong with these people!? – you can return the item, no problems, no questions asked.