Jewellery Box Essentials: Lariat Necklaces

Jennifer Anniston Lariat Necklace

Every woman needs at least one lariat necklace in her jewellery collection. Delicate and subtle, these necklaces are easy to style – whether accessorising a casual, everyday outfit or applying the finishing touch to your best ‘special occasion’ dress.

Jennifer Anniston is a big fan of these long, slim, elegant necklaces, and stars including Miranda Kerr, Amy Poehler and Jennifer Lawrence have all been seen wearing lariats to some of the biggest events and functions on the Hollywood calendar. 

Lariats are generally long, feminine designs worn without a clasp. They tend to hang to below the line of the bust, and add eye-catching shine and movement to any outfit. You can layer your lariat necklace with other jewellery for a more casual, bohemian look, or wear it on its own as a single statement piece.

Styling Your Lariat

Lariat necklaces are among the most versatile pieces of jewellery you can buy. With just a few quick revisions you can easily tailor one accessory to complement a range of different outfits. Rihanna and Miranda Kerr have both rocked these pieces to take the edge off of super-casual outfits. Rihanna styled hers with a grey hoody worn open over a pastel pink crop-top, while Miranda favoured a black vest top with a plunging neck line, aviator shades and jeans. These glamorous women show how even the most casual outfit can be styled up with the help of a lariat necklace.

Your lariat necklace can easily make the transition to more formal occasions, too. On the red carpet, lariat necklaces are often worn with daringly low-cut dresses – they’re the perfect accessory for V-neck and scoop neck dresses and tops. If you want to avoid a lower neckline, however, then lariat necklaces are just as stylish when worn over round-necked or collared tops in neutral colours. Whites, creams and other pale shades allow your necklace to stand out and really draw the eye.

Accessorising your lariat necklace is easy. You can wear it on its own as a single statement piece to complement elegant clothing, such as your favourite summer wedding outfit – wear your hair up to let the necklace’s delicate shape enhance the contours of your neckline. With a more casual outfit, you can layer your lariat necklace with other pieces of jewellery to draw the eye and bring your everyday wardrobe to life. Combine your lariat necklace with other necklaces, bangles and earrings in the same metal to accessorise a simple look, such as your favourite jeans-and-top combo or a slinky, high-necked dress.