How To Wear Sparkles

Diamonds are apparently a girl’s best friend, when it comes to looking glamorous and effortlessly chic. Crystals and other gemstones that sparkle and dazzle are the perfect fashion accessory for any occasion. Adding a little glimmer and shimmer to your outfit elevates your look and gets you noticed.

sparkle silver rings

Whilst being a beacon of light and wearing a complete collection of luminous crystal and diamante jewellery is not a great look, wearing a touch of sophisticated sparkle is elegant and classy.

Crystal Collection

Every woman deserves tobe in the spotlight and wearing stunning sparkles helps you get noticed. A beautiful pair of subtle sparklers like

the Constellations CZ Round Halo Stud Earrings in sterling silver draws attention to your earlobes and face and illuminates your appearance. Delicate and understated crystal jewellery can be worn any time, anywhere and perfectly accessorises your outfit.

Building a collection of sparkles is a great idea if you want to keep your fashion look up-to-date. You will also make a statement with your personal style. An elegant and timeless necklace like the Allobar 4mm Double Row Ingot Crystal Necklace in sterling silver is versatile, modern and discreet. Add a pair of Constellations Pave Crystal Round Domed Stud Earring in sterling silver and you have instantly doubled your glamour impact with very little effort.

How And Where To Wear Sparkles

In the past high impact crystal jewellery was reserved for glam and fancy occasions and special events. Today, a little bit of shimmer and shine is suitable for every day wear. How you choose to shine is influenced by your personal style and personality. If you’re a switched on girl about town you’ll know how to flaunt your look by layering your jewellery pieces and making a dramatic fashion statement.

If you’re new to the sparkle experience adding a beautiful crystal ring or earrings to your jewellery collection is the perfect way to start. A good point to remember when wearing sparkles is to minimise other accessories. This allows your crystal jewellery to brilliantly shine, without competing with other pieces.

Contemporary Or Classy?

Working out which piece of sparkly jewellery to wear for a particular occasion can be daunting, if your have a number of stunning crystal pieces. You should always consider your hairstyle, outfit and occasion before you plunge into your jewellery box.

Avoid pairing crystals with other gemstones that glitter and glimmer, as you don’t what your spoil your look by being too over the top. Keep it simple and classy by choosing elegant earrings and a complementary necklace or ring. Try to avoid the complete coordinated look by not wearing the entire collection.

Choose jewellery that complements your outfit and draws the eye to your best features. Choose a gorgeous ring like the Constellations 5mm Square CZ Ring Black Rhodium over sterling silver if you have lovely hands and a great manicure.

Hairstyle Considerations

Your hairstyle will either hide or highlight your sparkles so choose your style with care. Wear your hair up to show off stylish crystal earrings. An up-do also reveals your neckline and accentuates your décolletage so add sparkles here too to draw the eye.