Choose Perfect Earrings For Your Hairstyle

Choosing the perfect accessories to complement your outfit and personal style requires careful consideration.It’s not just the colour of the cloth and the design of the clothes that you choose to wear that you need to consider.Your hairstyle makes a big impact, and it’s the first thing that people notice about you.

The difference between looking glamorous and chic, and knowing very little about fashion, is the perfect pair of earrings. Jewellery accentuates your appearance and should therefore be chosen to flatter your features and complete your outfit. Earrings draw attention to your face and hair and define your look. When you choose the perfect earrings you create the maximum effect.

The Difference That Hair Length Makes chignonThe length and style of your hair determines which type of earrings will most flatter and highlight your best features. Allowing your hair to influence your accessory choice is a foolproof way of ensuring your complete ensemble always looks sophisticated,polished and on trend. Fashion professionals and stylists accessorise to maximise, and always take the length and style of hair into consideration when choosing stunning earrings and beautiful jewellery.

Short Styles Short hairstyles vary in style, texture and length. Hair that is cut short to reveal the neckline and earlobes has huge scope for accessorising with earrings and jewellery. Delicate and elegant Constellations CZ Round Halo Stud Earrings in sterling silver draw attention to the face and give your outfit a polished look. As the earrings have no long hair to compete with, the larger or more intricate the stud earrings are the more attention you will draw.

Dainty earrings like Constellations Square CZ Halo Drop Earrings rose gold vermeil over sterling silver dangle and shimmer below the earlobe and accentuate the sparkle in your eyes. Long drop earrings emphasise the neckline and create a sophisticated look. Allobar CZ Drop Ingot Earrings Gold Vermeil over sterling silver are the perfect earrings to wear if you have short hair and want to instantly look refined and glamorous.

Mid Length Hair that is cut to rest on the shoulder is known as mid-length and is often tucked behindupdothe ears. This hairstyle is easy to wear and ideal for showing off beautiful earrings like Constellations Starburst CZ Earrings Black Rhodium over sterling silver that sparkle and shimmer and flatter your features.

Long Hair Long hair generally cascades down the side of the face, concealing the ears. Unless long hair is worn so that it is swept off the face there is very little point in choosing subtle jewellery and earrings that are too small to be noticed. If you prefer to wear your long hair loose choose larger and longer earrings that dangle and attract the light with your movement. Shapely and sparkly Constellations Crystal Drop Earrings in sterling silver can be noticed when long hair is worn down.

Long hair is versatile and can also be easily pulled back into a ponytail or stylishly swept into an up-do, to benefit from the attention and attraction that shorter hairstyles achieve.