Bracelets, Bangles and Summertime Style

Pippa Middleton Wearing Bracelets

It’s summer in the UK, and that means a few things… 

First of all, sunshine! OK, so GB isn’t the most reliable place in terms of weather, but when the sun does shine, it’s glorious. Hello Pimms!

Secondly, fashion takes a turn for the best. The weather kicks ladies into holiday mode, with flowing maxi dresses, bejewelled sandals, flower wreaths and floppy sunhats to boot. How do you top it all off? With wrists that are dripping in bracelets, bangles and accessories, of course.

The fabulous thing about  bracelets and bangles is that you can custom build a look for every occasion. Make a simple statement with a single bangle, or layer up for a bold look that’s all your own. Just look at the way Pippa wears this simple gold bracelet to complement her magenta dress and statement necklace. We’re pretty sure she’s not heading to the office, but style wise she definitely could be!

Looking for a little style inspiration? Here’s our guide to rocking bangles and bracelets all summer long…

Corporate Chic
During the working week, it’s probably best to tone things down with just a handful of bangles. Think slimline, elegant designs that get the corporate seal of approval. For something simple yet stylish, we love the stacked look of the Crossover CZ Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold Vermeil. Featuring a trio of cubic zirconia studded strands, it’s a statement piece that’s subtle enough for every day wear.

If you’re planning on heading out for Friday night drinks with the team, throw a few bangles in your purse during the day, then whip them out when the clock hits 5pm. Hands down, a spectrum of bangles is the perfect way to dress up your work attire when transitioning from the boardroom to the bar.

Crossover CZ Bangle Bracelet in Rose Gold

Weekend Style
When the weekend rolls around and it’s time to get a little more playful, stacking bangles is the perfect way to bring a touch of boho blithe to your look. Whether you’re rocking a sassy summer sundress, sheer kaftan or nautical inspired ensemble, layering bangles is the perfect way to dress up any outfit.

This season, cuff style rings and bangles have definitively made their mark on the jewellery scene. The unorthodox Crystal Cuff Bangle designs are geometrically inspired, and look great when worn alone, or set off with other spherical bangles.

Want to shine in a whole new light? Choose to coordinate your bangle colours, or step out in a kaleidoscope of silver, gold, rose gold and black rhodium. This is a gorgeous look for festivals, with the stacked look reminiscent of Woodstock free spirits and flower children.

Crystal Cuff Bracelet Bangle in Rose Gold

Holiday Allure
For Brits, summer holidays are more or less a rite of passage. Whether you’re heading to Greece, Spain or beyond, a collection of bracelets and bangles is a must for any holiday jewellery inventory. 

When sightseeing during the day, simply throw on one or two for a practical yet pretty look. When the sun goes down and it’s time to hit up restaurants, bars and clubs, layer up for a stunning aesthetic that will turn heads.

Sure, we’ve focussed on how to wear bracelets and bangles when the sun’s shining. But ultimately, they’re a versatile year-round accessory. When the weather cools down and winter wardrobes re-emerge, our timelessly elegant bracelets and bangles can be paired with any outfit.