5 Reasons We’re Head Over Heels for Open Rings

As a team of self-confessed jewellery aficionados, we’re the first to admit that trends come and go. And this summer, there’s one style in particular that’s caught our eye. 

Eye catching and utterly unique, open rings are set to shine on the hands of ladies across Europe this summer. So what’s made us fall head over heels for this particular design? Here’s five reasons why open rings are this season’s ‘must have’ accessory.

Boho blithe
There’s no denying that the boho chic look has gained serious momentum this summer. With their unorthodox shape, open rings have an innately gypsy aesthetic. 

This makes them perfect for setting off flowing maxi dresses, pretty flower crowns, strappy leather sandals and other bohemian accessories. Stack open rings on top of one another, or wear one on each finger for a wonderfully nomadic and carefree vibe.

Layering power Oval Open Ring in Rose Gold Vermeil
Open rings are understated at heart, and don’t clutter up the hands. This means that for ladies who prefer a low-key look, there’s more scope for layering and building. For brides in search of ceremonial accessories that won’t steal the spotlight off their engagement rocks, this stunning  Rose Gold Oval Open Circle Ring is the perfect way to add understated sparkle.

Sexy by nature
In the same way that geishas excite gentlemen with a flash of their wrists while pouring tea, open rings show off skin for a dash of refined sex appeal. It’s an oh so subtle effect, but we’re pretty sure it’s this unexpected glimpse that gives open rings their undeniable allure. We love the open spherical look, as well as the ‘barely there’ wraparound designs that seem to defy gravity.

Delicate and feminine
As far as we’re concerned, adorning themselves in jewellery is a right every woman should indulge in. Thanks to their unbolt designs, open rings are both delicate and feminine, even in chunkier versions. This makes them a great accessory for ladies who love to flaunt their inner goddess. Ladies in search of a softer look will love options featuring rose gold, creamy pearls and glittering cubic zirconia gems.

Versatile fashion
From the office to the wedding aisle, open rings lend themselves to all occasions. With a kaleidoscope of styles, precious metal colours and stones to choose from, this summer’s hottest jewellery accessory can be used to complement any look. Team a cubic zirconia number with a corporate summer dress for a chic yet professional look, throw on a few more to create a carefree weekend vibe, or go all out ‘Glastonbury gorgeous’ with an open statement ring on every finger. And flowers in your hair, of course!

With so many ways to rock open rings this summer, they’re an accessory that should make an appearance in the jewellery inventory of every style conscious fashionista. Whether worn as a solo statement piece or layered to create an extravagant boho vibe, open rings are a permanent fixture on our summer style inventory.