Bar Necklace

model-n003s-bar-necklaces-sterling-silver.jpegRaising The Bar Necklace

Delicate, easy to wear and utterly irresistible, a bar necklace can make a big impact, or effortlessly supplement your overall look. It will always be adaptable to your wardrobe choices, whether you prefer very feminine pieces or punk rock statements.

Minimalist bar necklaces suggest precious Bullion ingots - your own, very personal, store of value - and boasts of elegance and sophistication.

A chic bar necklace is ideal for those who prefer versatile pieces as you can adapt this jewellery to either casual looks or high fashion choices.

Wear it plain for a classic look, possibly paired with drop bar earrings. For extra glamour, wear a traditional bar or a drop bar necklace, set with glistening cubic zirconia stones. Not only does this design add a little bling to your outfit of choice... read more fashion tips...