About Us

sunjay-chandirimani-uk-silver-jewellery-maven.jpgFour Generations - But Who’s Counting
My family has been at this jewellery thing a good long while. First in British India, then Calcutta, then the United States, and now to Glorious Britain. It’s been quite a journey, and, we’ve learned a lot along the way. Most important, we’ve learned how to keep our customers happy with excellent quality and impeccable customer service.

We treat all our customers with courtesy and go the extra mile to make sure you have a great shopping experience. Go on, try us and see! Even better, see our REVIEWS page to learn what our customers have said.

Shop In Your PJ’s - We Don’t Judge
High street jewellery stores can be so down-the-nose about casual dress - not us! If pyjamas work for you then we’re all good with it. UGG boots and tatty black leggings with holes in the knees? Well, there could be limits...

Nevermind! Dress how you like to find jewellery you love. We’ll ship it immediately and for free within the UK - always, always, always beautifully gift wrapped for immediate presentation by the procrastinators among you.

The Secret Of Jewellery Quality and Value
Yes, you’ve seen more expensive pieces than you’ll find here, and, it is very likely my extended family has sold, designed, or fabricated those jewels too.

Breaking the jeweler’s code, I’m going to share with you a deep secret of jewellery buying:
good jewellers create good jewellery pieces -
no matter the material used

You see, at the heart of the jewellery world, when times are good, highly trained Artisans create wearable art using very valuable materials - solid gold, platinum or white gold. 

These highly motivated Artisans don’t stop creating when times are less good. They continue to fabricate great designs, with meticulous technique, using more cost-effective materials. Hallmarked .925 sterling silver replaces platinum or white gold, vermeil finishes over a sterling core give the look without the cost of solid gold or rose gold,

And these well made, high style, and cost-effective jewellery pieces are the ones we especially provide.

Choice - That’s the Thing

When one has seen as much jewellery as I and my family have, it becomes easy to discern good construction quality, good design, and good value.

Our approach at OneByOne is to curate - find the best designs, the best manufacturers, and the best values in contemporary sterling silver jewellery - then make them easily available.

We match our curated silver jewels with the most attentive customer service, free shipping, free beautiful gift wrapping, and free returns should you be less than fully pleased with your purchase.

I invite you examine each of our jewellery choices  ... and then make your own.

Sunjay Chandiramani